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Chocolate, Coffee, & Tea Cares

Everyone has been impacted in one way or another by COVID. What I’ve seen in my local community of Vancouver, Washington is no different than other communities across the nation and across the world - small businesses struggling to stay alive and people yearning for in-person human connection.

As the restrictions started getting lifted, I wanted to do something to help our community and economy. What better way to bring the community and local businesses together than by hosting a fair comprised of the things that people in the Pacific Northwest enjoy and do a great job of creating - chocolate, coffee, and tea?

This idea birthed the first Artisan Chocolate, Coffee, & Tea Fair which was held at The Gathering Place in Vancouver, Washington. Imagine being surrounded by a variety of chocolate items, the aroma of coffee being roasted, hot tea samples to warm you up, tasty baked goods, and cacao pods being cracked open. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold and cloudy Saturday!

Thanks to the awesome crew of Bluum Coffee @bluumcoffee who brought their coffee truck and supplied coffee, beverages, and snacks!

Nathan from Cacao Kingdom @cacaokingdomllc livened up the day with a cacao pod cracking demonstration! Everyone had the chance to taste fresh cacao and sample their chocolate. Yum!

Here’s Bryan from Compass Coffee Roasting @compasscoffee in action. Guests were lulled to his table by the aroma of freshly roasted beans and got to sample Compass's latest beans.

Kim from Good King Cacao @goodkingcacao introduced many to the joys of snacking cacao! Harmony 80% and Abound rank as my personal favorites.

Thank you, Margo, for bringing Hazelnut Hill's @hazelnuthill_farm signature hazelnut collection. The dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts are my favorite!

The Herbracadabra crew @herbracadabra brought their selection of teas and extracts. Vanessa Green, Herbracadabra’s herbalist, blessed me with their Chocolate Reishi Exfoliating Butter and now I am totally hooked!

Mildred from Mildred’s Sweet Treats @mildredssweettreats_pdx brought an array of baked treats. We gave in to the temptation and took home a Coconut Cream Cake and Tea Cakes.

Zsuzsanna of ReTreat @retreat_pdx brought an assortment of truffles that all come in the most adorable reusable little metal tins that brought back fond memories as they look like the little bento boxes I grew up with.

So there you have it … A tangible example of how chocolate, coffee, and tea serve as an amazing way to bring people together and show just how much you care! Thank you to all of our vendors and guests who made this event more fun than I could have imagined! I look forward to seeing you all at our next event!

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