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Chocolatey Summer

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you that summer is the busiest time of the year as everyone is out soaking up the sun wherever they can … whether that be at the coast, hiking around, or even hanging out on the back porch. I must say that I have been enjoying all of the above, all of which has been done with some chocolate at hand. Then again, you wouldn’t have expected anything less from me, right?

This summer has been rather action packed. It started out with my participation in the Artwalk at the Coyote Trail at Painted Oaks Farm in Oregon City. How can you not enjoy being surrounded by the beauties of nature, unique artistic creations by local artists, wine tasting, and being able to sample In Pursuit of Purity’s latest chocolate bar line up: the 75% Uganda dark chocolate bar and the new 50% Uganda Milk chocolate bar. Big thanks to Sharon Agnor for allowing me the privilege of being a part of this special annual event!

My family make a trek down to Cannon Beach to enjoy coastal beach life for a few days. An assortment of bars were selected for the trip so that there was something for everyone to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a new bar each day?

In addition to soaking up the sun outdoors, the CocoTerra company featured an interview with me they entitled, “Chocolate and Psychology an interview with Kalei Ross” on their blog. I really appreciated the opportunity to share how I have merged my previous professional experiences in the field of clinical psychology and my love for chocolate to help people using the world’s beloved food item.

The list of chocolatey summer events continues. How has your summer been? I hope it has been truly enjoyable and full of amazing memories, and that chocolate has made your experiences even more special! May you enjoy what is left of summer!

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