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Chapon Venezuela Rio Caribe 100%

There are so many chocolate makers in the bean to bar world that it can keep a chocolate enthusiast very busy. However, my ongoing search for a 100% chocolate bar has not yielded much of a variety to choose from these days. Fortunately, I came across a few bars made with cacao beans from Venezuela including Chapon Venezuela Rio Caribe 100%.

The Chapon website describes this bar as:

A Tablet 100% cocoa! Concentrated beans for purists.

I thought to myself, “Now this bar is speaking my language!”

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to make of this bar based on the packaging, which consisted of a resealable pouch graced with vibrant pink flamingos amidst a tropical pink backdrop. It’s welcoming and cheery appearance made me chuckle a bit, which was a refreshing shift from the somewhat uniform appearance of some of the other bars I recently acquired. But the real question was whether I would still feel that way after tasting it.

Upon opening the package, out came a dark brown bar that was scored into 24 bite sized pieces. It didn’t sport any fancy design or even a flamingo. What I quickly came to find is that it didn’t need any overt display of grandeur as this bar truly shined with regards to what it offered the senses with respect to its aroma, mouthfeel, and taste.

This bar had an inviting scent of sweet prunes and dates. It had a crisp snap with a texture that was firm but not hard, as it didn’t take much effort for my teeth to sink in. It had an incredibly luxurious and satisfying mouthfeel that was velvety and creamy. Rich cocoa flavor was initially emitted as it melted on the tongue followed by lush woody, tobacco notes. This culminated with a slight astringent finish that of green plantains. A blend of a hint of cocoa and unripened plantains coated the mouth and lingered. I found myself continuing to salivate which prompted the desire for yet another bite. There was no denying that my senses had become susceptible to the influence of this bar!

It wasn’t until I finished my tasting that I found myself connecting with the packaging. All of a sudden I found the images resonated with my experience as I was left feeling as cheery and upbeat as the illustration exuded. I can undoubtedly conclude that the Chapon Venezuela Rio Caribe 100% is a bar that will enchant and lift the spirits of any chocolate purist!

All chocolate purists are encouraged to peruse the Chapon Chocolatier website:

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