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In Pursuit of Purity,
The Paris Chocolate Files
second edition

A Journey to Discover the History

and Secrets Behind the Purest

Chocolate in Paris

In Pursuit of Purity 2nd ed.png

2020 Gourmand Award
Winning Book

Kalei, in love with chocolate before she could even walk, was shocked one day to learn of her allergies to this childhood indulgence. Heartbroken and suffering for years without, she came across research that changed her life: she was allergic to the added ingredients in the chocolate, not the cocoa itself.


And so began a life journey to seek out chocolate purified of excess elements save that which preserved its flavor and pleased the palate. What better place to rekindle this love affair than the City of Light?


Take a tour through some of the world’s most famous chocolate shops and discover chocolatiers who have spent generations mastering the art of chocolate. Learn the secrets and history behind each one as Kalei guides you across Paris In Pursuit of Purity.

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"It is by far the most beautiful and delightful journey to the world's finest chocolatiers in Paris France. Reading this book is a real journey from door to door of fine chocolate shops Debauve et Gallais to Patrick Roger, enjoying Roche bonbon and praline bonbon. It is the pride of France and this is a must-read book before or after visiting Paris to discover chocolate corners or bring back beautiful memories of your Parisien trip.

Merci Kalei Ross for this beautiful gift to the world of French chocolate."

François Royal 

ParisienStar Best Selling Author Awards

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