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Surprise! Chocolate Joy From Honoka’a!

Don’t you love surprises that arrive at your doorstep? I know I certainly do! I received a FedEx box today from Honoka’a Chocolate filled with their latest chocolate bar lineup: Goat Milk 55% Cacao Bar, Drunken Goat Milk Bar, Rum Bar, Bourbon Bar, Coconut Dark Milk Bar, Pure Hawaiian Cacao Bar 70%, and Pure Hawaiian Cacao Bar 85%. Talk about an amazing selection of unique bars to choose from, many of which have won Chocolate Alliance Awards. Who would guess that so much chocolatey goodness could be found on the largest island in the Hawaiian chain? Which one of these piques your interest? Drop it in the comments!

Much mahalo to Mike Pollard for such a special gift and for blessing the world with the joy of Hawaiian chocolate!

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Check out Honoka'a Chocolate:

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