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Honoka’a Chocolate … The Taste of Home

While Hawaii may be where I grew up, it is now a far and distant land from where I am at this season in life. I am grateful to have friends in Hawaii that send me gifts to remind me of home. One such gift that recently came my way was the 85% bar from Honoka’a.

This two ounce bar that hails from the Big Island of Hawaii was neatly packaged in a box that reminded me of the advertisements I used to see as a child that would direct tourists to local attractions. As I reminisced, I found myself eagerly awaiting the contents in this box.

This bar, although simple in appearance, boasted an inviting sweet roasted fruity cocoa aroma. Upon breaking off a piece, it had a mild sounding snap and left it’s melted mark between my fingers. It passed the visual, olfactory, tactile, and auditory test. Would it pass the taste test?

As it melted in my mouth, it revealed a creamy mouthfeel that was created without any added cocoa butter. (The ingredients listed on the box stated 100% Hawaiian cacao and organic cane sugar.) My mouth experienced an appealing mix of ripe berry-like fruit and sweet lychee with a pleasant hint of banana. Rather than the flavors peaking at different points in time, it was more like a complimentary blend of these distinct fruits. As the fruitiness started to dissipate, I was left with a rich cocoa coating in the mouth, something I certainly appreciated.

If I had to give a short description of this bar, I would say it is like experiencing the tropics in a bite. Honoka’a 85% … What a wonderful reminder of all the things that are beautiful and memorable about home.

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