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Memories of Summer

How have you enjoyed the summer? Our family has been relishing all the season's simple pleasures like playing in the backyard and having dinner on the back patio. We’ve grown our own vegetables and spent the summer enjoying the fruits of our labor. Our eyes have also been treated to a stunning array of roses of various colors and hydrangeas. Although I may not be a warm weather person, I must say that this has been the best summer yet!

If I had to sum up summer in one chocolate bar, it would be the Ruby + Cuna de Piedra (73% COCOA from Comalcalco with Flor de Jamaica) bar. In this bar, you experience the sun's warmth (chocolate) and the tart tanginess associated with summertime drinks (jamaica). It is perfect for hanging out on the back patio, taking in your surroundings, and bonding with your family.

It is hard to believe that summer is officially over and that we are now in Fall. Despite the changing of the seasons, you can still experience a little bit of summer. All it takes is getting a Ruby + Cuna de Piedra bar!

Check out Cuna De Piedra:

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