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Cuna De Piedra Raises The Bar On BonBons

Although I have been off the grid for quite some time, chocolate has been ever so present in my life. In fact, during this time of respite, I was treated to new and wonderful chocolate delicacies.

When most people think of the pinnacle of chocolate they make reference to European chocolate, namely Belgium chocolate. However, Cuna De Piedra is rising up from the south, lifting the Mexican banner on high for chocolate. Not only are their bars noteworthy, but their bonbons are also a breath of fresh air in the chocolate world.

I was blessed when friends who were traveling from Mexico to Vancouver, Washington offered to bring some of Cuna De Piedra’s items for me. I patiently waited as these bonbons were on the road for quite some time before getting to me. Thankfully, they arrived intact and looked just as inviting as on their website.

Upon opening the box my eyes were treated to ten distinctive little edible sculptures, all of which looked like carved blocks of stone. Enclosed were the following: Mezcal Reposado, Mezcal Joven, Cacao Perla Blanca, 73% Cacao de Comalcalco, Flor de Jamaica, Chile Seco Ahumado, Café, Pataxte, 85% Cacao de Soconusco, Cerveza Stout.

You may be asking me, “Which was your favorite?” It's funny that you should ask, as it reminds me of a statement that Cuna De Piedra co-founder, Enrique Perez, made when I interviewed him (click here to watch the interview). He said, “That’s like asking a parent which is their favorite child.” Ha, ha! And that is precisely how I felt about these bonbons. They were all appropriately named as they either highlighted the uniqueness of the region the beans they were harvested from or the distinctiveness of the specific ingredients.

These bonbons are going to shake up the chocolate world as they capture the exceptional nature of Mexico and its culture while giving your tastebuds an extraordinary gustatory experience.

Go to Cuna De Piedra’s website:

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