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What A Difference Nibs Make

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Some dear friends went on a road trip around the nation and returned with a bevy of chocolate from their travels. They blessed us with a nice size jar of cacao nibs from a chocolatier in Tennessee called Olive & Sinclair. These are not your average cocoa nibs as Olive & Sinclair has put their unique spin by aging them in bourbon barrels.

You may be wondering what are cacao nibs. They are small pieces of crushed cacao bean that may or may not be roasted. Here’s a link to one of many articles out there that talk about the health benefits of eating cacao nibs.

Olive & Sinclair cacao nibs

Olive & Sinclair cacao nibs

Olive & Sinclair cacao nibs

While many people find them to be bitter, I enjoy eating cacao nibs because to me they encapsulate the essence of chocolate. There are no added ingredients that mask its flavor. As you see from the pictures above, we are slowly working our way through the jar. The key word here is slowly, as we want to enjoy this treat for as long as possible!

So, how do you eat it? Fortunately there is no right or wrong way to eat cacao nibs. You can eat them as is right out of package (or jar in this case). I mix them in with my muesli or cereal for a nice explosion of flavor. I like to sprinkle it on my French toast and use it as a topping on ice cream. I’m not the most inventive person, so here’s a link to an article that will provide you with some ideas on how to use cacao nibs with your food.

These days you can find cacao nibs everywhere, even in your neighborhood grocery store. But if you want something out of the ordinary, like nibs with a hint of bourbon flavor, you’ll have to check out Olive & Sinclair.

Olive & Sinclair * S 17th Street * Nashville, Tennessee 37206 United States

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