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Totally “Cacao-Centric” - Cacao Sampaka Chocolate 100%

There are some bars that catch your eye, and this one caught mine - Cacao Sampaka Chocolate 100%. How could you not be drawn to it with this vibrant box that looks like an assortment of bright colored decorative tile? Their website provides the following description:

Cacao Sampaka brings us an elevated cacao experience with their high percentage, single origin bar. Beans from Ecuador are roasted and processed to create a cacao-centric and divinely bitter flavor exploration. Need a little extra sugar during your tasting? Try pairing with Medjool or black sphinx dates.

Talk about an enticing description!

In addition to the lively packaging, the front of the box has a cut out - like a window to the "soul” allowing the viewer to look in and see the beauty of the bar firsthand. This shinny dark brown bar looks as though swirls of chocolate converged to create an almost Zen-like garden design. I followed the swirls with my eyes and soon found myself whisked into a “cacao-centric” fantasy world surrounded by nothing but chocolate. Ahhh… What a peaceful and relaxing place!

I was absolutely delighted when I took the thick bar out of the package, as it had a sweet inviting scent of rich honey and berry. The bar was so pretty to look at that I didn’t want to break it! Alas, it had to be done. No regrets! As I allowed the piece to melt on my tongue, it initially tasted like charred cocoa and coffee that took on a mild buttery toast/roast flavor and ended with the taste of mild roasted coconut. When I moved the piece of chocolate around my mouth I found that it had a texture akin to having ground up coconut mixed in the chocolate.

This was an “easy eating” chocolate that compels you to relax if you allow it to. Now how can you turn down such an inviting invitation? Close your eyes when you eat this chocolate. You might find yourself whisked away to a beach far, far away, or to a “cacao-centric” world of your own making. Yes, chocolate can do that!

Check out the vast selection of chocolate from Cacao Sampaka:

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