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Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I have always been a supporter of small businesses. I really appreciate and value when someone uses their gifts and talents to carry out a vision to create something unique. We are all so fortunate that there is so much diversity in the culinary industry. There are food items for every palate these days, no matter how esoteric.

Thank goodness for the individuals who have taken the big leap and financial risk to contribute their distinctive spin on something as popular as chocolate! Creo is one such company that has done that.

Creo is a family owned company in the Lloyd District of Portland, Oregon that desires nothing but to create noteworthy chocolate. They obtain their beans directly from the farmer and do all the work to create their chocolate in house – from roasting and cracking the beans, separating the shell from the cocoa nibs (they created their own machine to do this), pouring the beautiful substance into molds, and package everything.

Chocolate enthusiasts can book one of their 1 hour tours. The tour takes individuals through each step of the chocolate making process. The highlight of this tour is that it ends by making your very own bar that you package and label yourself. It is such a fun and informative tour that I highly encourage anyone to try it. And, in the process you get to meet the Straub family who put their hearts into each delicious item in their shop.

Creo * 122 NE Broadway Street  * Portland, OR 97232-1108 United States

Creo - chocolate tour

Creo – Janet Straub holding chocolate mold

Creo Create Your Own Bar

Creo – My personal chocolate bar creation

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