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Chocolate Helps You Deal With The Disruptions In Life

Disruptions … They are often unexpected, so they can be challenging when they arise. Our family has recently faced a number of them in a short period of time. How do you deal with them when you’re faced with them?

Thank the good Lord for good chocolate! Chocolate doesn’t ask questions. Rather, it meets you right where you are. It provides that extra bit of comfort and reprieve while chaos swirls around you.

That is exactly what Creo Chocolate’s truffle assortment provided while we were in the midst of numerous disruptions of life.

Ghost Pepper was just what the doctor ordered to gently awaken the senses after nights of sleep deprivation.

Earl Grey was perfect to calm the mind and soothe the soul just as the perfect cup of tea would as you sat looking out at the view from the veranda.

Spicy Passion peaked the taste buds with a hint of tart sweetness from passion fruit and spicy ganache. It brought back pleasant memories of one of my favorite tropical flavors while growing up in Hawaii.

Coconut Almond Delight was like the chocolate version of Calgon (I’m showing my age with this commercial reference!) that whisked me away to a white sand tropical beach.

The Raspberry Dark was bright yet delicate with floral undertones accented by the richness of the dark chocolate. It brought back beautiful and tranquil memories of walking through Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

Ah, yes … Chocolate can transport you to the most amazing places no matter what life brings your way if you let it.

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing disruptions in life or not, Creo’s truffles are a great way to relax and treat all of your senses. Check them out at:

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