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Fleur Chocolatte - Clark County’s Chocolate Shop

One of the things I love about chocolate is that it provides comfort even in the midst of hardship. Chocolate lifts our spirits and does it without imposition or asking questions. So what better way to bring some joy to your loved ones than to give some delicious chocolate?

Our family took a trip down to Clark County’s only chocolate shop, Fleur Chocolatte, to pick up some items for friends that are going through a hard time. As we walked in, we were greeted by Mike who was behind the counter, and welcomed by the familiar scent of chocolate and the sound of country music in the background.

While their truffles were the focal point, they also offered coffee drinks. But we couldn’t allow ourselves to get distracted. We remained on mission to get truffles for our loved ones. They had a delightful selection of good sized handmade truffles like Brandy Raspberry, Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange, Caramel Apple, Irish Coffee, Coconut Almond, Wild Cherry, and Peppermint to make a few.

The truffles were fairly well balanced in flavor. While they were all enjoyable, I was most impressed with the Lemon Lavender because that is a flavor combination that can go wrong for so many reasons - either it can have too much lemon flavor thus making it overly acidic or too much lavender that it tastes like you’re eating lavender soap. But Fleur Chocolatte seems to have gotten the flavor combination just right so that both flavors are well represented without being overpowering or drowning out the other.

If you happen to be in Vancouver, Washington and are looking for something to lift your spirits and satisfy your palate stop in at Fleur Chocolatte.

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