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Five Reasons Why Craft Chocolate Is The Best Gift For Mother’s Day

Your mother is a truly special woman, and Mother’s Day is a time to show her just how much she means to you. What better way to do that than with a gift that is both distinctively enticing and thoughtful? Craft chocolate is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because it is made with care and attention to detail, the very same characteristics that she possesses and exhibits.

You may be asking, “What makes craft chocolate so special and the ideal gift for mom?”

First, craft chocolate is made by small-batch artisans who take the time to source the best ingredients and create a product that is both delicious and beautiful. Unlike mass-produced chocolate, each bar is a unique creation in and of itself.

Second, craft chocolate is made with high-quality ingredients and is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This means that it is a delicious and healthy treat that your mom can enjoy guilt-free.

Third, it is a sustainable gift. Many craft chocolate makers source their ingredients from sustainable farms and use ethical practices that do not involve slave labor. It is a gift that you can feel good about giving your mom as it is good for her, supports the communities that the ingredients are sourced from, and is an environmentally conscious gift.

Fourth, it's a mood booster. Chocolate has been shown to boost mood and reduce stress. So, on a special day like Mother's Day, why not give her something that will help her relax and brighten her mood?

Fifth, craft chocolate is a treat that many people enjoy, but may not buy for themselves on a regular basis. By giving your mother some craft chocolate, you're giving her permission to indulge in a luxury she might not normally allow herself to have.

Now that you know why you should give your mom craft chocolate for Mother’s Day, here are some tips for choosing the perfect item(s) for her.

Think about your mom’s taste preferences. Does she prefer dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate? Does she have a preference for things being on the sweet, fruity, earthy, woody, bitter, etc. side? Does she like her chocolate with nuts, fruits, or spices? Does she care for sugar or sugar alternatives like honey or agave? The great thing about craft chocolate is that there is something out there to satisfy even a mom with very particular tastebuds.

For example, has your mom always wanted to travel to the Philippines to experience its beautiful beaches and landscapes? Take her there through a Malagos Chocolate 85% Dark Chocolate bar. Want to cover the bases by giving your mom chocolate, flowers, and fruit for Mother's Day? All of that is captured in Singapore's own FOSSA Chocolate 54% Dark Milk Lychee Rose bar. Is your mom a big coconut fan (like me!) and loves the idea of soaking up some Hawaiian sunshine? Pick up a Honoka'a Chocolate Company Coconut Dark Milk bar. Is your mom captivated by the lure of the world's highest waterfall and the stunning flamingos found in Venezuela? If so, she will be enchanted by the aromatic and concentrated cocoa flavor of Chapon Chocolatier's Dark Bar Rio Caribe Venezuela 100% bar. Does your mom love the zing of spice? Then she will enjoy the luxurious Dark Chocolate 70% Black Cardamom bar from the British chocolate company Artisan du Chocolat. Or, does your mom long to lounge near the ocean and taste the ocean salt on her lips? If so, Cacao Sampaka's Dark Chocolate Ibiza Sea Salt bar will make that dream come to fruition.

Now these six suggestions have barely even scratched the surface of the exquisite craft chocolate treasures that can be found!

Since there are many craft chocolate makers out there, do some research to find a chocolate maker that ascribes to sound ethical practices that has a good reputation for creating products of exceptional quality.

With a little thought and effort, you can find the right craft chocolate gift for your mom. If you need more detailed information on how to buy craft chocolate, download my free Craft Chocolate Buying Guide to help you narrow things down and find the perfect craft chocolate gift for your mom that truly says, “I love you!”

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