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Chocolate For Team Building

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

What have you found to bring people together? I have found chocolate to be an amazing way to get people engaged. In fact, I have been using it for corporate team building as an initial means to “level the playing field” and help team members begin engaging in active two-way communication. It doesn’t matter whether your staff has been experiencing conflict or moral issues, chocolate is such a great way to help people start experiencing something fun and inviting together. This helps staff be more receptive to examining the tough issues at hand. Curious about how chocolate interpersonal connections can help your company? Feel free to DM me or connect with me via my website! Until then, take a journey with me over to Portland, Oregon to get some chocolate from Creo Chocolate for my next team-building event. And, as always, enjoy using chocolate to build connections!

Don’t forget to download your FREE Craft Chocolate Buying Guide, and start making friends!

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