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Marou 100% Dark Chocolate - The Beauty of Controlled Chaos

I’ve seen the Marou 100% Dark Chocolate bar at a local specialty chocolate shop a number of times. Unfortunately, each time I saw it I was on a mission to obtain specific items. And, since it wasn’t on the list, it didn’t make it into the bag. Nevertheless, I felt as though it was calling out to me each time I saw it on the shelf. Finally, an opportunity presented itself for me to obtain this beautifully adorned bar. 

At a quick glance the bar looks like it was wrapped in Asian inspired patterned wallpaper. However, when you take a moment to really examine it, you see how the flowers that grow on the cacao tree and its pods were incorporated into the packaging. It’s simply stunning. But the beauty of the packaging doesn’t end there. Upon removing the outside wrapper, I found myself opening what appeared to be a gleaming gold wrapped chocolate gift held closed with a monogram sticker. As I removed the gold wrapper I found that Marou took great care to make sure their bar remained intact by placing it on cardboard.

Now this is an elegant bar that is worthy of protecting! But before I share my thoughts on this bar, here’s some information from Marou’s website:

Six Vietnamese provinces lent their names to the single-origin chocolate bars that built Marou. As a product of nature, the cacao that defines each bar tells us so much about soil and season. Droughts tend to draw sharper, citrus notes, while heavy rains invite fruit and spice flavors to blossom. The controlled chaos of fermentation bring subtle surprises. We’re still exploring the places this fruit grows and learning new things every day. 

I loved how they described the process of fermentation as “controlled chaos” that brings “subtle surprises,” as that is exactly what this bar did - it surprised me. At first, I picked up a light smokey yet creamy scent and flavor. As it sat on my tongue longer, deep roasted and lemony citrus notes emerged. The finish reminded me of the slightly sweet creamy froth on an espresso.

Marou did a wonderful job of controlling the “chaos,” as the flavor combinations were inviting and pleasant to experience on the palate. 

To experience the delightful flavors of Vietnam, go to Marou’s website:

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