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For the Love of Mom Chocolate Tasting

For the Love of Mom Chocolate Tasting

These days it seems as though we are constantly trying to give bigger and better gifts for every holiday, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Some people may think that giving chocolate is so passee. However, here's a way to take things up a few notches - Indulge your mom by giving her the time-honored and loved gift of chocolate and taking it up to the next level by pairing it with a 90-minute guided chocolate tasting experience!


Through the experience mom will:

  • Learn how chocolate is made
  • Become a pro at tasting chocolate
  • Learn about the chocolate maker
  • Enjoy the health benefits of dark chocolate


Mom can pamper herself from the comfort of her own home, as everything she needs for the online guided experience is shipped to her. Her chocolate tasting kit will include:

  • Three bars of ethically sourced bean to bar dark chocolate from El Buen Cacao
  • A chocolate tasting guide (includes a flavor/aroma wheel, tasting notes form)


* Please note that the chocolate selection is subject to change depending on availability


A link to the event that is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2022 with Chocolate & Relationship Expert, Dr. Kalei Ross, will be provided.


The chocolate tasting event must be purchased no later than Friday, May 8, 2022 to ensure that the chocolate tasting kit will arrive in time for the scheduled event.


Show Mom how much of a treat it is to have her in your life by giving her a unique chocolate tasting experience for Mother’s Day!

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