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Paradise in the Dominican Republic - Plantación de Cacao del Eden

The Dominican Republic is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts and golfing. However, there is much more to this Caribbean country as Plantación de Cacao del Eden is drawing attention to the cacao grown in this tropical paradise. This is a description from their Facebook page:

“Plantacion de Cacao del Eden is an organic cacao farm. Our main goal is to produce high quality fermented cacao beans and make the best chocolate. We also grow a wide variety of fruit-avocado, guanabana, limes and others.”

For those who are fortunate enough to make it to the Dominican Republic an appointment can be made to tour their 232 acre estate and

“learn from A to Z about growing cacao and making artisan chocolate.”

Now who could pass up an incredible opportunity like that?

Thanks to Plantacion de Cacao del Eden’s own Tamara Moore, I was able to experience firsthand the cacao that they grow, ferment and turn into chocolate. With COVID-19 preventing me from doing any international traveling, Plantacion de Cacao del Eden’s beans gave my tastebuds the chance to travel to the Dominican Republic without having to wear a mask, ha, ha.

These beans had a mild cocoa scent that intensified when they roasted. They started with a rather delicate bitter cocoa flavor that transitioned to gentle floral notes and finished with a dash of bright red fruit akin to cherry. Don’t let the word bitter scare you as these beans have a rather pleasant personality. In fact, if I had to choose one word to describe them it would be delicate. The flavors weren’t startling or jarring, but rather subtle. As a result, there are numerous options that these beans could be paired with depending on what you wanted to accentuate.

This led to some very enjoyable experimentation. What I found to be unique about these beans was an ever so slight hint of floral notes that tickled the tongue. I wanted to find items that would draw out this unique flavor, so first I paired them with raspberry. This definitely did the trick, as they complimented each other by bringing forward floral and perfumey essences. A mixture of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Perrier mineral water was the perfect beverage pairing for those wanting to experience a memorable floral bouquet on the palate.

I could not find ripe mangoes, so I had to settle for one that was three-fourths of the way there. This resulted in an interesting find, as it brought out a little tanginess and nuttiness in the beans. However, pairing the beans with cherimoya turned out to be a true winner, as it completely cut any bitterness and left you with the pure nutty character of the bean. Truly delightful!

Now you can add cacao to the list of things that the Dominican Republic is known for. Check out Plantacion de Cacao del Eden’s Facebook page and book an appointment to tour their estate and enjoy a taste of this tropical paradise.

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