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Flavors From the Pacific: Mānoa Chocolate

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

If you haven’t guessed it by my first name, I am originally from Hawaii. I haven’t been back to Hawaii in years, but when I heard there was a local company that was making their own chocolate from locally grown cacao and from beans from around the world, I couldn’t help but be curious to find out more about them. The company is called Mānoa Chocolate located in my old stomping grounds of Kailua, on the island of Oahu.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to taste their chocolate for myself thanks to a care package sent by some dear friends from Hawaii that included Mānoa Chocolate’s 100% World Blend and Old Pali Road Whiskey bars.

Let’s start with the Old Pali Road Whiskey bar. The website states:

In Kailua, O’ahu, minutes from our chocolate factory, Ko’olau Distillery makes Old Pail Road Whiskey. We then soak cacao nibs in their smooth & balanced whiskey and turn the favored nibs into chocolate. Mānoa Chocolate
Manoa Chocolate Old Pali Road Whiskey Bar

Mānoa Chocolate Old Pali Road Whiskey Bar

It is a beautifully dark colored bar with an intricate distinctive Hawaiian style embossed pattern. It is creamy and smooth in texture with a crisp snap and actually smelled like sweet whiskey. It is a well-balanced bar with the essence of sweet molasses and woody spiced flavors like cinnamon, cedar, and cardamon. Those who are looking for a festive and sweet flavored dessert bar with a touch of whiskey will be pleased with this find.

Now, on to the bar that I was extremely excited to try, the 100% World Blend. This bar was an alluringly rich dark brown color with a nutty nose and a crisp snap. Once it melted on my tongue I experienced the bar’s smooth and robust mouthfeel. This bar encompassed an enticing array of flavors that made for an incredible medley in the mouth. It started with a pleasantly bright and sharp fruity zest, then shifted to a roasted coffee profile, and finished on a lingering citrus note. This was a delightfully complex lineup of intense flavors that blended harmoniously. 100% chocolate fans will not be disappointed with this blend of beans from Hilo, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador as they come together nicely and compliment one another.

Manoa Chocolate 100% World Blend

Mānoa Chocolate 100% World Blend

Manoa Chocolate 100% World Blend - bar close up

Mānoa Chocolate 100% World Blend – bar close up

That is just two of the many bars in their collection. They have some great looking single origin bars and some interesting inclusion bars for those looking for something playful for the palate. It is great to see and experience firsthand the wonderful chocolate flavors coming from Hawaii! Check it out for yourself by going to:

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